Booking apartments terms

If you want to book one of our apartments, just drop us an email or ring us up to find out wether their are available at the period of time that you plan to come over to Wroclaw.

If an apartment is available and you agree to book it, then you should pay within 5 hours 20% of the price that you will be charged for all days you want to stay in.

Booking will be confirmed once we get the 20% of the total price on our bank account, then we will inform you about it via email. The rest of the price (80%) is payable by cash at the time of your arrival.

If you did not pay pre-paid fee (20%) within two working days, your booking would be cancelled.

Please note, prices may be increased whilst holidays, special events, etc.

Additional information regarding apartments' booking:

  1. If you plan to stay longer then five days, you may negotiate the price,
  2. The hotel hours start at 2pm and finish at 12 am next day,
  3. Prices for holidays and events are different then above,
  4. As our guest you will get 10% discount at "Miód and malina" restaurant in Renoma Shopping Centre 5 min. walking distance from our apartments,

Terms and conditions regarding cancelling your booking

If you decide to cancel your booking, you cannot get back the pre-paid fee of 20% of total price. If cancellation is caused by us, meaning Nowa Apartments, we will give you back the pre paid fee. If you decide to leave earlier fully paid accommodation, then you cannot claim money back from Apartamenty Nowa.

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Enzo apartment can not be compared to any hotel room in Wroclaw! Do not wait and start up an engine and rent Enzo flat!


Muza apartment is much different than Enzo. Have you got an artist's soul? Then fill it with music and rent Muza flat!


Our apartments are based at 2A Nowa Street, just 5 minutes walking distance from Wroclaw Old Square.


To make our flats unique, we have decided to get original paintings from Aneta Augustyniak.