Only in Wroclaw:

  1. 220 bridges and footbridges (fourth place in Europe, after Amsterdam, Venice and St. Petersburg) and fully operational moat, one of the few left in Europe (the rest are in Holland),
  2. One of the largest city square in Europe,
  3. Magnificent old city with masterpieces of architecture ex.: churches, merchant houses, town hall and famous Loepoldin's Hall of University of Wroclaw,
  4. One of the leading cities in Poland when it comes to number of restaurants, clubs and coffee shops,
  5. Countless amount of galleries and museums, including National Museum and Raclawice?s Panorama, one of the largest paintings in the World,
  6. Leading cultural city in Poland, famous of theatres and festivals,
  7. Centennial Hall, listed on Unesco Heritage List - when finished construction, it had the largest dome in the World,
  8. Wroclaw got a ZOO, not the biggest, but possessing the most diverse species in Poland,

Famous people from Wroclaw:

There were and are many of them, including those who were awarded Nobel Prize, but one has been above all: Alois Alzheimer, born on 14 June 1864 in Marktbreit, Director of the Psychiatry Department of University of Wroclaw. He was first who described unusual disease of the cerebral cortex in 1906, which was further named after him. He died on 19 December 1915 in Wroclaw. His grave is in Frankfurt Upon Main.

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